Using tree2image


tree2image [options] tree-file image-file

A file containing a string representation for a syntax tree.
The name of the image file to be created. The image format will be chosen based on the image file's extension.


-font n:
A PIL font file, used to display the nodes. default=helvR08.pil
Create a color image. (default)
Create a grayscale image.
Create a monochrome image.
Reverse the foreground and background colors.
-linecolor c:
Color for lines (Use #rrggbb format). default=#80ffff
-textcolor c:
Color for nodes (Use #rrggbb format). default=#ffffff
-bgcolor c:
Background color (Use #rrggbb format). default=#000000
-xspace f:
The number of characters space between nodes. default=1
-yspace f:
The percentage space left between levels of the tree. default=15
-linespace f:
Line spacing for multiline labels. default=1.0
-type fmt:
The format for the output image (e.g., "gif" or "png"). default=auto