I take notes on some of the papers I read, using a highly customized moinmoin wiki. I periodically export this wiki, and the results are available below:


For several of the classes I've taken, I took notes on my laptop during lectures. These notes were taken using notes mode under emacs.

Term Class Notes
Spring 2002 CIS 620: Advanced Topics in AI [pdf] [txt]
CIS 639: Statistical Approaches to NLP [pdf] [txt]
Ling 551: Syntax II [pdf] [txt]
Fall 2001 CIS 630: Machine Learning Seminar [pdf] [txt]
Ling 550: Syntax I [pdf] [txt]
Spring 2001 CIS 570: Modern Programming Language Implementation [pdf] [txt]
Ling 591: Pragmatics II [pdf] [txt]
CIS 630: Structural Representations Seminar [pdf] [txt]
Fall 2000 CIS 530: Computational Linguistics [pdf] [txt]
CIS 630: Lexical Semantics Seminar [pdf] [txt]
Ling 554: Semantics II [pdf] [txt]
Ling 590: Pragmatics I [pdf] [txt]
Spring 2000 24.953: Lexicon Seminar [pdf] [txt]
Fall 1999 6.821: Programming Languages [pdf] [txt]
9.20: Animal Behavior [pdf] [txt]
9.59: Psycholinguistics [pdf] [txt]