Alphabetical List of Papers, By Author

  • Ratnaparkhi 1994. A Maximum Entropy Model for Prepositional Phrase Attachment.
  • Ratnaparkhi 1997. A Simple Introduction to Maximum Entropy Models for Natural Language Processing.
  • Reid 2000. Complex Verb Collocations in Ngan'gityemerri: A Non-Derivational Strategy for Encoding Valency Alternations.
  • Reinhart, Siloni 1999. Against the Unaccusative Analysis of Reflexives.
  • Riloff 1996. Automatically Generating Extraction Patterns from Untagged Text.
  • Riloff, Jones 1999. Learning Dictionaries for Information Extraction by Multi-Level Bootstrapping.
  • Rizzi 1992. Argument/Adjunct (A)symmetries.
  • Josef Ruppenhofer 2005. Regularities in Null Instantiation.